Grup Boadella Presentation

Grup Boadella is the result of the continuous effort made and dedication applied to the coordination and carrying out of new projects. From this entrepreneurial spirit a group of companies was born and Grup Boadella can today be truly referred to as world players.

They are companies which work in different sectors, but they all have the same corporate values, those fostered by Grup Boadella.

We rely on a team of qualified professionals to carry out our projects, with the aim of meeting our clients needs in the best way possible.

Grup Boadella has more than 40 years experience in the field of distribution: agricultural and industrial machinery and lorries. This has allowed us to grow, little by little, but always with the clear objective of caring for our clients.

We are the distributors for prestigious makes which are world leaders in the sector, and this guarantees reliability, the use of new technologies and instils confidence. This, together with our policy of investing in the best possible teams, machinery and equipment as well as the combined experience of our staff, makes us as an organisation, highly competitive.

Thanks to the entrepreneurial and commercial vision of our group, we have created new companies which trade in other sectors such as construction or the service industry, where we are continually expanding.

Grup Boadella constantly strives for improvement: the optimising of processes, innovation, client needs, adapting to change and the training of new members of the teams.

The rapidly changing world encourages us to look for new challenges, not only at company and organisational levels, but also in the area of technology and this allows us to stand out from our competitors when it comes to quality and experience.

Our group is very concerned about quality, security and the environment consequently we have developed excellent working practices.

Responsibility in the area of quality control: We believe that a good quality control system is imperative. It allows us to offer our clients an excellent service and for this reason we have internal rules and processes in place. One example is that of Regulation ISO 9001: 2008 for the Man make of trucks.

Responsibility in the area of security: Good procedures in the field of prevention of industrial accidents gives our staff peace of mind and at the same time, improves the quality of our services.

Caring for the environment: We are totally committed to caring for the environment, and to do this we make sure that waste is disposed of responsibly. We understand that the environment needs to be well protected by society working together as a whole, in order to achieve this goal.


Pol. Ind. Girona - Ctra. N-II, km 706.5
17457 Riudellots de la Selva (Girona)
Tel: +34 972 478 100 - Fax: +34 972 478 129
GPS: 41º 54' 12.52'' N 2º 47' 17.80'' E