To meet the needs of our clients and by providing them with the best technology, offering a high quality product and service, so that they can carry out their activities more efficiently. To do this we offer our clients products which are technologically at the forefront in their respective markets.


Grup Boadella wants to be the leader in all the sectors it competes in, to be a point of reference in all their business activities. Now it wants to bring all its companies together under one umbrella, giving them the same corporate values, to promote a global image of quality in all the services offered.


More than 30 years experience in the following fields; innovation, communication, quality and customer service. The following are the main values of the companies which make up Grup Boadella.

CONSTANCY: in the work we do. We follow each stage of a job from beginning to end.

DYNAMISM: We are innovators. We keep up with new trends, new technologies, new challenges, new opportunities and keep abreast of the times.

CONFIDENCE: Having confidence in our clients and suppliers is the only way to meet customer needs and gain their loyalty. We want to open doors, not close them.

QUALITY: We firmly believe that the only way to succeed in the new challenges within a service company is to continually strive for improvement, and specifically, for complete quality of service.

PROFESSIONALISM: We are totally focussed when it comes to qualitative and quantitative objectives, and also in work culture and effort.

MOTIVATION: is essential to drive the company along. We carry out tasks with energy and enthusiasm so that we can face new challenges each day.


Pol. Ind. Girona - Ctra. N-II, km 706.5
17457 Riudellots de la Selva (Girona)
Tel: +34 972 478 100 - Fax: +34 972 478 129
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